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We wear pink to honor all women and their families.  We drive pink fire trucks for women to support her and her family. If the men of the community look after their women, the most important people in our community, they will continue to look after us. We wear pink for women and drive pink fire trucks as a symbol of hope.  Illness does not discriminate.  Men, women and children are fighting illness and this symbol of hope will travel to show them that they are not alone. We hope to inspire communities and  empower their leaders to support the women of their community and "Care Enough To Wear Pink".


Pink Heals South West Florida will bring our truck to help raise money and awareness at events for individuals or other non-profit organizations that help women and their families.  We do this at no charge to the organization. We only ask that all funds remain in the community and do not support corporate entities.  While at these events we may sell t-shirts in order to provide fuel and maintenance for the fire trucks, however no one in the Pink Heals South West Florida Chapter receives funds personally and we request that all other donated funds remain in the community. 


As firefighters, police officers and business professionals in the community we wear uniforms all year long.  Our desire is to lose the blue, the shirts and ties, and wear pink in honor of our women.  Three days each year, October 25th, 26th, and 27th are designated "Cares Enough To Wear Pink Day".  In addition November 1st is designated as "National Pink Heals Day". Join us in the effort to support this mission and encourage your community leaders and businesses to support Pink Heals.  Check the events page calendar often  to see where to find us !



  Supporting People

                      Not Causes



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January 14, 2017    8-12

4 Words Foundation Facial Hair for Cancer Causes 5K Run / Walk

Tara Woods

​January 21, 2017  10am - 1pm

​Touch A Truck, St Michaels Lutheran School

February 2017

​Edison Parade

March 01, 2017    11-2

Crown Plaza @ Bell Tower 

March 11, 2017  8am - 4pm

From Our Hearts, fundraiser

St James City Civic Center  

March 15, 2017  6:30am- 8am

Ladies Golf Tournament @ Herons Glen

April 22, 2017  7:15am - 9:15am

Wheel Chair Dash, 5K Run and 1 Mile Run

Patriot Elementary 

SUZY                            AMIYAH.

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