Pink Heals Southwest Florida

In 2010, We began our Pink Heals mission by hosting the National Pink Heals Tour. The tour returned to Florida in 2011 and 2013, 2014 and 2015 and we again hosted the tour in the River District, downtown Fort Myers. The Southwest Florida Chapter of Pink Heals was officially formed following the 2013 tour.  

We will use our site as a way to share survival stories and inspire others. Please connect with our online family and help us raise awareness for old fashioned community support. Share our web site, visit us on Face Book and join us at our scheduled events.  Shop our on-line store or visit the event calendar to find us. Stop by and purchase one of our sales items to support our mission or just to say hello.  

You can schedule a home visit or request our event participation by using the contact page on this web site. 

Stories of Hope

Pink Heals Southwest Florida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting  our community.  We will support fundraising efforts that remain here in Southwest Florida by bringing our pink fire truck to events to help promote love and support. 

We also make our truck available to visit people at their home or care facility to bring them hope and love. 

We support people of all ages along with their family members, offering love, encouragement and friendship.

                             SUPPORTING PEOPLE, NOT CAUSES

Here is a short video from founder Dave Graybill explaining how Pink Heals works. Pink Heals can be used for any community wide support effort. Pink Heals delivers the money raised in a community for free as long as the money stays within your community, county or state.




     President :  Michael Piggott                    

     Vice President:  Suzy Lewis              


     Treasurer:   Judy Hartwell                

     Director:  Fred Cooley                      

     Director:  Pat Isherwood